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Meet our Recruitment Chair!

My name is Sarah Ramsey and I have the honor of being the Recruitment chair for 2021. It has been such a gift getting to prepare for Fall Formal Recruitment through spring and summer workshops and working with chapter members that I didn’t know as well as when I started this process. My role is to serve this year’s recruitment team, work as a liaison between Panhellenic and our chapter, but most importantly to welcome new members into our doors! 


Recruitment may seem overwhelming. I remember my own experience of moving to a new state and trying to find my identity totally not knowing where to start. Whether you are brimming with excitement to enter a new season of life or teetering on the edge of nervousness, Chi Omega simply seeks to get to know you. My advice to you is to be yourself. YOU are special and unique in your own way, and we cannot explain how honored we are that we get the privilege to meet you. Beginning with Recruitment, college is a time of transition and change, but we hope that you can feel at home in Chi Omega.  


When I look around at the women in this chapter, I am filled with deep gratitude at who I get to surround myself with every day. These women exemplify gentleness without weakness, strength without severity, and humility without the slightest lack of confidence. Chi Omega will abundantly provide you with relationships that will refine you and teach you to live graciously and authentically. I am unendingly grateful that I get to experience a diverse community of women with so many different backgrounds, majors, personalities, and gifts. These girls are the ones I look up to and the ones who challenge me to be the best version of myself. College is a big adjustment, but our hope is that Chi Omega will not only enhance your years at Auburn, but be the best part about your time here as a student.


We are so eager to meet you!



Sarah Ramsey

Chi Omega Recruitment Chair 2021


Recruitment Information

There is a new online RIF System that provides a RIF with the same content as the past paper form and delivers it to the chapter’s recruitment team as well as the RIF advisor within minutes of submitting all the correct information. 

We are requiring that all RIFs are submitted online because it expedites the process and ensures that each RIF has all information needed for approval. If you have any questions to the electronic process,  

Please email RIF questions to:
Allyson Dozier / alphabeta.rifadvisor@gmail.com

Letters of Support can be sent to:

Chi Omega

201 Wire Road, Box #1

Auburn, AL 36849

Online RIFs can be found by logging into the Chi Omega EveryDay website:


For information about Sorority Fall Recruitment and Greek Life and to register for Recruitment: 

Please see the Panhellenic site

Dear Potential New Members

Name: Emma Shofner

Hometown: Vestavia Hills, AL

Major: Business Management and Spanish


What I do as New Member Educator: 

Hey! My name is Emma and I am SO honored to serve this year as New Member Educator for the pledge class of 2021! My job is to ultimately walk alongside our new members as they begin their freshmen year. From bid day all the way to initiation, my job is to make sure the new members feel welcomed, encouraged, valued, and loved for who they are, along with facilitating many events that allow opportunities to make lifelong friendships! You can always count on me to celebrate you in your victories and be that shoulder to lean on in your challenging times. I am here to serve our new members in whatever that is in order for them to feel right at home in Chi Omega. My freshman year was full of excitement but it also was filled with quite a few challenges, so it meant so much to me to have my mama hoot pouring in to me and loving me through it all. I am committed to do the same for you, along with the whole chapter of Chi Omega because we value genuine friendships and welcome an atmosphere where you can be undeniably yourself!


What advice would you give to PNM’s coming through recruitment?: 

The best piece of advice I can give while going through recruitment is to be yourself. I know you probably hear that often but looking back on my recruitment I can confidently say that sororities want you for YOU! It is so easy to compare yourself to other girls around you, I know I did that, but you are uniquely made and to be able to share who you are and what makes you YOU during recruitment week is so much better than the outfit or shoes you are wearing!


What am I most looking forward to about being New Member Educator?

It is so hard to choose because there are so many things that I am looking forward to but if I had to choose I would definitely say that I am most excited about meeting Pledge Class ’ 21 and seeing many relationships form!! It is still so hard to believe that I am in this position but I am beyond excited to see how the Lord will use me but also use each of these girls to show me a glimpse of the infinite goodness of God. I am excited to love on these girls, learn from these girls, and lead these girls through one of the most exciting but also challenging times as they step into college and Chi Omega! I have been praying for you since November 2020 and I am beyond excited to see the many blessings that come out of this!


Emma Shofner

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Recruitment Team

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Sisterhood Support Team

The Recruitment Team is the group of women who handles decorations, clothing, food and everything in between. Without these ladies, recruitment would not be the rewarding and productive experience that it is each year. The unsung heroes of the week, the Recruitment Team works tirelessly to ensure everything goes off without a hitch while simultaneously keeping the morale high among the chapter during the week.

The Sisterhood Support Team is a vital part in assisting the New Member Educator in welcoming and encouraging new members the moment they step into Chi Omega. These ladies serve as the executive board as they each form different relationships based on her position. These roles can range from scholarship needs to chaplain. Each Sisterhood Support Team member is assigned a small group of new members to check up on regularly to ensure that they feel comfortable entering in and continuing through their first semester as a Chi Omega.